Arcade 80’S Trunk


Let's go for a gaming and dancing night !

Composite fabrics frame dressed in glued and stitched leather
Dressing : calfskin 51 colors / colors can be customized on demand
Crocodile and shagreen skins are also available on request

2 versions available: Classic and GT
Chromium-plated dashboard / Aluminium and rubber wheels
Painted lines on GT version

60 unforgettable titles from the videogaming world:
Pacman© (Namco - Midway), Space Invaders© (Taito) and 1942© (Capcom) to name but a few

LCD 1080p Screen

Very high definition sound system:
2 numerical boosters / 400w medium / high-pitched– X1 1000W low-pitched / Sound exit : 110 dB
iphone/ipod station only

Price: 16 000 euros



English Version

Version française

Conception Simpleway

Pinel & Pinel

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