Arcade PS Trunk


Home Cinema, No limit party or high tech simulation it’s up to you !

he Arcade PS trunk, latest folly from Fred Pinel the mobile Home Cinema. This XXL trunk hosts a home cinema session on an oversize Full HD 3D Sony screen for the whole family. You want to change room for the latest 3D movie: not a problem she is on wheels !

Are you ready for a no limit party ? Thanks to her 1800 Watts phenomenal sound system you’d rather invite your neighbors to the wireless DJ battle you organize …

The ultimate gaming toy for the man or woman who has everything. A selection of 14+ of Playstation3® best game’s with the comprehensive set of accessories in their bespoke compartments. It’s all you need for an evening of high-adrenaline entertainment: Formula 1™ racing seats with Thrust master T500 RS Force Wheel, Bluetooth® wireless music system, 8 PS move, 4 pairs of 3D glasses, 2 guns, 4 buzzers, a motion-detection camera, 2 Singstar® microphones, and much more.

he custom-made Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk is encased in luxurious calfskin in your choice of 51 colors in different finish (smooth, punched or pony style), exotic leather (Crocodile, shagreen or Ostrich). You can also choose an outstanding finish for the metal parts (chrome-plated, palladium on massive brass, ruthenium, carbon …).



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Pinel & Pinel

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