Charity event for the Make A Wish foundation

he stunning Arcade Trunk, signed by a variety of celebrities, shall be revealed and sold on the 26th of June at 7 pm, for the benefit of the “Make-A-Wish® France” foundation in the hopes of making sick children’s wishes come true.

Upon the 2017 Cannes Festival, Pinel & Pinel displayed the emblematic Arcade Trunk on the deck of the Technikart yacht, thus welcoming the world’s most famous. Each of the celebrities present signed the Trunk and was photographed alongside. Among the most beautiful autographs : Agnès B, Spike Lee and even Keziah Jones.

The stars’ signature session was prolonged until May of 2018. First in the Cinema world, through Sagamore Stevenin, sport through Sébastien Ogier and art with Hom N’Guyen and street artist Kongo, all leaving their print on this star-Trunk !

The Arcade Trunk has reunited the following signatures (in alphabetical order) :

André ; Yassine Azzouz ; Agnès B. ; Frédéric Begbeider ; Frédérique Bel ; Olivier Benkemoun ; Richard Berry ; Carmen Chaplin ; Colorz ; Michel Denisot ; Iris Funck Brentano ; Sergio Dovale ; Farid Elouardi ; Maître Gims ; Joyce Jonathan ; Kezia Jones ; Kongo ; Jimmy Jean-Louis ; Olga Kurylenko ; Spike Lee ; Sophia Manousha ; Victoria Monfort ; Mohammed Moretta (Kool and the Gang) ; Samy Naceri ; Sacha Naigard ; Hom N’Guyen ; Ravichak Norodom (Cambodian Prince) ; Sébastien Ogier ; Eric Serra ; Sagamore Stevenin ; Gabriella Wright.

While all of these prestigious signatures make it a unique item, the Arcade Trunk is undoubtedly and beyond all a luxury and high technology gem that will put a smile on the face of the 80’ nostalgists ! Covered in leather, the Arcade Trunk offers the best of the 80’s games, displayed on an LCD flat screen : Pac Man or Space Invaders among over 60 other titles. This trunk is also equipped with an incomparable sound system (125 db) and a Bluetooth, allowing one to enjoy its music while playing.

Artcurial, “The Writing’s on the wall”, Tuesday the 26th of June at 7 pm, 7 Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris, Lot n°27.

The totality of this sale’s benefits shall be donated to the “Make-A-Wish® France” foundation.