Happy Hour

fter the unveiling of the Watch Trunk, the Watch Box and the One Point, Pinel et Pinel continues the development of its dedicated watch collections.

Whether you’re a fan or a collector of automatic watches and watches with complications, Pinel et Pinel proposes an original and wide range of watch winders. You can now match your winder to the bezel of your watch. Set on the night stand or in your living-room, you can preserve, wind and display your watch with great elegance and refinement. The TWIN watch winder, an exceptional item, is dedicated to all lovers of creativity and beauty.

Your TWIN rotative case is programmed for a cycle of 1600 rotations per day, 800 rotations in each direction, based on the requirements of most of the automatic watches that are available on the market. The configuration of your rotative case is controlled by Bluetooth with the help of an app that can be installed on any smartphone.