Spring Time

fter the success of the first colours since 2016, the coated canvas collection from Pinel et Pinel receives a boost with a new tone for Spring/Summer 2019. Indigo blue is partnered with a plum tone. This breath of fresh air is available in all the styles in the range of leather goods.

Highly sensitive to the esoteric universe, Fred Pinel has infused his canvas with strong digital symbolism. The main design of the Pinel et Pinel canvas is directly inspired by the number 8. This figure represents infinity and is also synonymous with perfection and luck. The designer has stylised this motif by injecting it with a subtle interplay of colourful associations. The canvas pattern is made up of 6 colour shades, providing depth and volume, in addition to the harmony of the figure 6!

Finally, let’s not forget the quality of Pinel et Pinel canvas: it never loses its shape and is durable and waterproof.