What’s up, doc?!

his coming Wednesday, the 18th of October 2017, the big classical French movie “Knock”, featuring Omar Sy and Anna Girardot is being released in cinemas.

As an adaptation of the Jules Romains’ play, the movie follows the journey of a “medical sales agent”, from the city to the French countryside. After Louis Jouvet in 1951, it is Omar Sy’s moment to take on the role of Knock, and Pinel et Pinel brings its contribution through the creation of the indispensable Knock medical suitcase and his schemes’ case. Designed according to the production’s needs, the two leather items are entirely custom-made by the best craftsmen, in the Pinel & Pinel Paris workshop.

Besides the finished items, Pinet et Pinel offers one its assistance throughout the entire custom-made process, whether it is the creation of a trunk, a bag or small leather articles.