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Delivery and returns

Adopting an eco-responsible approach, luxury house PINEL et PINEL has limited stock. Some items are made to order which can lead to a delivery time of between 1 and two weeks.


  • Chronopost delivery (24h-48h)
  • Free delivery
  • Free Click&Collect
  • * Free returns and exchanges


  • Chronopost delivery (24h-48h)
  • Free delivery
  • * Free returns and exchanges


  • Chronopost delivery (48h-72h)
  • Price : 20€ - Free delivery from 950€
  • * Free returns and exchanges


  • Chronopost delivery (48h-72h)
  • Price : 20€ - Free delivery from 950€
  • * Free returns and exchanges

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* You have 14 days to return an item from the date you received your package, on request from your online account.


  • Refunds are made on the same day we receive the returned goods.
  • Refunds are made automatically to your bank account (allow 2 to 3 days).
  • PINEL et PINEL reserves the right to refuse a return if the returned product is defective.
About Pinel et Pinel

1. Who are Pinel et Pinel?

Pinel et Pinel was created by one man: Fred Pinel. He does not have a twin!

2. When was the brand created?

The brand was created in 2004.

3. Where are Pinel et Pinel products sold?

They are sold on our E-shop or in our flagship stores in Paris and Hong Kong. The brand also recently opened a flagship store in Macau (Galaxy) and on the Hainan island in Sanya. In addition, Pinel and Pinel selects exclusive resellers in France and around the world (Drugstore Publicis in Paris, Maxfield in the USA ..)

4. Which country is the brand from?

Pinel et Pinel is a French luxury brand, made in Paris.

5. Where are your products made?

All our collection is fabricated at the Pinel et Pinel Factory located in the 20th district in Paris.

6. How are the items of the Pinel et Pinel collection made?

Pinel et Pinel is proud of its collection hand made by the best craftsmen. Discover our professions (lien vers la page métiers)

7. Where do the hides and materials come from?

Pinel et Pinel selects French and European suppliers to ensure the best possible traceability.

8. What is CITES?

Pinel et Pinel participates in the CITES program. This international organization verifies the origin of the animal hides used.

9. When was the Pinel et Pinel canvas created?

The design of the canvas was created in 2013. With a graphic composed of 6 colors, it reflects Fred Pinel’s taste for the esoteric universe. The number 8 which represents luck and infinity, 6 for the number of color gradients and the initials of Pinel et Pinel. Today, this canvas is available in 8 colors.

10. How does Pinel et Pinel contribute to sustainable development?

Pinel et Pinel helps to limit the wastage of its skins. Leather scraps find a second life with young designers and leather craftsmen who purchase them at attractive prices.

11. How do I take care of my Pinel et Pinel product?

For leather products: clean with a soft cloth. Cleansing milk is recommended. For the canvas: clean with a soft damp cloth. For all other materials: clean with a microfiber cloth.

12. How does the Twin function?

It operates with batteries inserted in the rear of the watch winder. To change the batteries, use gloves and the opening tool.

13. How much does the Twin weigh?

The Twin watch winder weighs 2.250 kg

14. What should you do if stained the product?

You can try to clean the stain with a soft cloth. If you are not sure of the type of stain, we recommend you contact us at

15. Is there a warranty for my product?

All our collection have a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. Please refer to our General Terms & Conditions of Sale for more details (lien CGV). Can I exchange a product? You may exercise your right of withdrawal according to the rules of the GTC. You may then make a new purchase on our website.

16. Is it possible to change the finishing of a Twin?

Pinel et Pinel offers a tailor-made production service that allows you to choose a specific color of leather. You can request a quote by contacting

17. Is it possible to personalize Pinel et Pinel products?

Pinel et Pinel offers customization of its leather products with hot stamping. For more details, please visit:

VAT and taxes

What about the Tax free ?

The tax refund only applies to products purchased in store and transported by the customer.

VAT included

  • France
  • Over-Seas
  • European Union
  • Currency Euro | VAT included
  • Aucune taxe dounière

VAT exempt and customs duties

  • All countries outside France and the European Union
  • Price and invoice excluding taxes
  • Custom duties in force in the destination country
As the recipient, you are responsible for paying all import taxes, customs taxes and local sales taxes imposed by the country where you receive your products.
Secure payments
  • Payments on our website are encrypted and secured with 3D secure
  • We currently accept : Visa, Mastercard et American Express
  • Paiement en partenariat avec Lyra Collect solution Pay-Zen
  • Payment by bank transfer on demand : (Message us).
F.A.Q Twin

What is the purpose of the USB cable entry on the back of the Twin ?

  • This cable entry allows you to connect a standard USB cable to recharge the Twin if it is used with rechargeable batteries.

How to check that the Twin is working well ?

What to do in case of troubleshooting ?

  • If your TWIN watch winder stops functioning, or no longer functions normally, check the following points, in this order:
    1) Make sure the power switch is in the ON position, i.e. on the right (point 3.2 in the Operating instructions).
    2) Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly (+/- polarity respected). Check that the battery cover is touching the batteries, that the contacts are clean and that the retainer screw has been tightened properly.
    3) If the watch winder still fails to function, replace the batteries with new ones.
    4) If, after checking these points, the fault persists or if the red light flashes three times at regular 5 second intervals, it’s indicating a malfunction of the rotation count system.

How long is the Twin guaranteed ?

  • Each TWIN watch winder is guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect, starting from the date of purchase with a presentation of proof of purchase or a valid receipt.

Restrictions concerning the warranty

  • Damage resulting from the product’s normal wear, such as scratches, stains, cuts, altered colours, etc. is not covered by the warranty.
  • Damage resulting from improper or inappropriate use of the product, such as non-respect of battery polarity, non-compliant batteries, mistreatment of the case, shocks, breakage, etc. is not covered by the warranty.
  • Damage resulting from use of the case in an unsuitable environment, such as places with moisture, places exposed to water, vibrations, sources of excessive heat, etc. is not covered by the warranty.

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