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Much like Fred Pinel's personality, the 2nd arrondissement “Factory” workshop is the space in which his made-to-order and hand-made creations come to life, where the raw materials are becoming works of art. A culture of perfection is at the heart and soul of this design house, a creative laboratory housed in a bamboo forest. It’s in his giant 1 400 m² workshop (formerly the headquarters of John Galliano, designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte), a “Factory”, that Pinel renews the ways in which we approach leather goods.

The skill and the uncompromising detail... Simply perfection

It is here, in association with research laboratories, that work is done on embossing, volume, texture and transformation. Role play games that blur conventional boundaries and enter uncharted territory. Here the raw material is carefully measured and cut to size, in the same way that a stone cutter reveals the true beauty of a gemstone. It is a painstakingly delicate and accurate task.

Exceptional creations are ensued from a tradition for achieving the highest quality of finishes that always push the boundaries. There is no room for error in each step of the ultra-precise and complex manufacturing process, where even the smallest clasp, or the appearance of a jeweler’s mesh stitching on a bag, and the way the light reflects off the different leathers and skins gives the designers the chance to create some of their own “Harry Potter magic”, amuses Fred Pinel. Every trunk is a little gem of expertise and ingenuity: from the design stage to the finished prototype, each model takes up to 1 300 hours to complete.


The “designer” is not shy of thinking “out of the box”. He puts wheels on his trunks and produces them in all different colors to create “a fantastical travel item that you keep to yourself and that is only shared with others if one wants to”. This accomplishment is demonstrated by the incredible ‘Arcade Trunk’ which houses all the bar games from the 80s along with a 1800 watt sound system. A whacky idea (and the brand’s best seller), it resembles a new-look robot and presides in Captain Pinel’s workshop on Rue D’Avron.

As a tribute to his first big love, Fred Pinel launches the Ultimate Cigar Trunk, a trunk of exceptional excessiveness, imagined for the smoke rings’ passionate and the aesthetes, comprising up to 1 400 cigars. The last of his creations, the DJ Trunk, throughout the latest technology available, allows one to mix straight from its living-room, in style and with great elegance.

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