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Unusual, offbeat and unique, Pinel & Pinel is one of the youngest French luxury brands that produces contemporary trunks and high-end leather goods.

Since 2004, the brand reinterprets the laws of luxury goods with a casual impertinence, giving life to its trunks, accessories and other articles through an inspired mix of high-tech design, colors and refined materials.


« Être belle, c’est merveilleux. Être belle et utile, c’est encore mieux. »

Through the creation of its trunks, Pinel & Pinel goes a bit further than the trunk makers of days gone. As a “real” designer – his first vocation – Fred Pinel gave a specific function to each of his extraordinary creations, which he wanted to be both beautiful, fun and functional. The Pinel & Pinel trunks represent the birth of a new genre of trunks with their own impressive IQ, built to be an iconic range of luxury handcrafts.

For over 20 years Pinel & Pinel have worked on the concept of ‘smart trunks’ for collectors

(aesthetes in search of new objects of desire and/or lucky charms). A creative approach

that perfectly ties together the balance between aesthetics and practicality, reiterated by clever technologies in a perpetual state of motion. Flipping through these pages you can discover and rediscover some of the brand’s most memorable creations : the Cigar Trunk, the Arcade Trunk or the Watch Trunk.


Pinel & Pinel also brings forward a unique collection of leather items (bags and accessories). With his creations Fred Pinel offers a fantastic playground where he enhances the organic and sensual aspects of a leather for which he was granted the “Award for Excellence”. Whether its calf, English cow or French lamb (tanned in Italy), the leather used is always perfect full grain and more or less soft to the touch, depending on the methods of treatment. The bag collection is also a way of re-immersion in the chic crocodile leather world : the Alligator – the most wanted (United States), the Niloticus – coveted for its square scales (Africa), the rusticity of the Caiman (Latin America) or the delicacy of the Porosus (Australia). The Karung (Java snake) sometimes tempts its way into this fine selection.

The fabrics’ metamorphoses are Fred’s passion. A hide being shaped like paper, creasing and then regaining its shape. A fresh denim canvas from Japan is worked to give it a worn-out and faded look, to a point where all the facets of the denim and its beige, orange and blue hues stand out and combine with a weathered leather. Not to mention the full crocodile leather treatment. Completely inside out … It’s creative genius.

“Luxury cannot exist without high-quality and excellence. Mediocrity is not an option. Excellence is what allows the creation of our items. Excellence in the creation process, skills and fabrics. High-quality : of fabrics. A proper start is the key. High-quality ensues from the proper fabric. It is also about putting the time into the design process and having a good artisan” Fred Pinel