Travelling with style !

For the owner of a private jet, Pinel et Pinel has designed a series of elegant luggage pieces : 3 light and resistant carbon suitcases, accompanied by a hand luggage and two jewelry boxes, containing various compartments (one of the brand’s specialties). The whole is dressed in blue grisé perforated leather and smooth beige leather.



Carbone suitcase

Pinel et Pinel, the custom-made suitcase specialist. Most of the times of a carbon structure for a lighter body, the suitcase comes dressed in calfskin or exotic leather, such as crocodile : the luxury touch, mastered to perfection by the brand’s craftsmen.

Size (closed) : 48 cm x 14cm x 38 cm
Size (open) : 48 cm x 46 cm x 43 cm

– Crocodile –

On order



Pinel et Pinel answers just as well to the more complex requests, like this luxury box worthy of an origami, with its various drawers and compartments, making it easy to travel with its office accessories : a computer compartment, IPod and speakers compartments, a glasses, lighter and cigar cutter drawer !



Fuel for Karl’s imagination!

The ultimate luxury is achieved through this box, specially designed to put away its most precious gloves and travel with it to the end of the world and well beyond !



So Chic !

Besides the trunks brought to life by Fred Pinel’s realm of the imagination, Pinel et Pinel also meets the clients’ expectations. The travelling universe allows the Pinel et Pinel Maison to design and create suitcases, cases and bags suitable to cover the entire world ! Made by hand by the best craftsmen, these “mini malle” (mini trunks) perpetuate the Maison’s savoir-faire.