During lockdown Maison PINEL et PINEL and artist Hom Nguyen, are producing a bag and collector’s box as a tribute to hospital staff. Part of the profits will be donated to the Robert Debré Hospital.

History Of The Collab With The Artist Hom Nguyen

Contemporary trunk maker Pinel et Pinel and artist Hom Nguyen, are producing a bag and collector’s box as a tribute to hospital staff. Fred Pinel is a big fan of contemporary art and regularly punctuates PINEL et PINEL collections with artistic collaborations. For this autumn, the Maison is offering a new 4-handed creation with Hom Nguyen, with whom it previously collaborated in 2016. Last spring, PINEL et PINEL founder Fred Pinel and Hom Nguyen were, like many French people, touched by the enormous commitment shown by hospital staff. The wave of hospitalisations linked to the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world, deeply moved both creators. During lockdown, they joined forces to imagine Stay at Home, a tribute to all the saviours of everyday life.

At the occasion of this collaboration, we will welcome you with the artist Hom Nguyen on November, 19th in our Parisian Flagship *.
* Due to the latest sanitary measures the event may be canceled.

About Hom Nguyen

Hom Nguyen, a French artist of Vietnamese origin, was born in 1972. His style speaks to everyone with great immediacy, both through its humanist subjects and its formal aspect; playing with the impact of the monumental and the emotional release embodied in the material. The artist’s work is all about existential commitment. It keeps track of hardships we’ve experienced. It speaks of reality, but reveals it to be more vast, with a greater intensity. It combines the visible and the invisible; intimate impulses and evanescent dreams. In perpetual motion, constantly renewing itself, between imprint and disappearance; transitory and eternal. Hom Nguyen’s writing is particularly sensitive to the human values that he embodies and conveys. So many values which, for him, are the foundation of all art: like a path that connects one man to another.


For this project, Pinel et Pinel provided the artist with one of their It bags, the Todd tote bag, in Perfect Black coated canvas, to enable him customise the design in his own unique way. Using a very special technique, Hom Nguyen, exploits colour effects to give a contrasted finish, producing a perfectly executed portrait, combining dynamic pencil strokes and emotions. This face, the standardbearer of hope and turned towards the future, is screen-printed onto the bag, which is available in a limited edition of 500. Each screen print is embellished with felt and signed by the artist’s hand, making it a unique, original piece of work. Somewhere between a work of art and an everyday object, the Todd Stay at Home bag can be displayed in your living room or can also take on its original function: a tote bag that can be worn over the shoulder!


Buoyed by this momentum, Fred Pinel and Hom Nguyen came up with a second item - The Essential - a box limited to only 200 copies containing an original work by the artist. A transparent membrane encloses a leather-bound notebook customised by Hom Nguyen using the matching leather-bound ballpoint pen. These portraits, where every stroke is a trajectory which, by crossing with other strokes, creates a face, translates the emotion of the moment, allows a brief glimpse into the interiorworlds that animate us, accentuating the essential... Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Robert Debré Hospital.

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